Krista Kaslo - XXX Feet photos

“I am a woman with a voracious hunger for passion and satisfaction. Because I am sexually aggressive, I am like a tigress, stalking my prey so I can make him my next meal. That means that I don’t sit around and wait for the man I want to come to me. That means that I put on my shortest skirt and my highest stilettos and I go hunting for him. The good thing about the company that I work for is that they have a warehouse full of strong, virile men who I can seduce and have sex with all day! This time around, I seduced one of the workers I’ve been watching for weeks. I went into the warehouse to look over some of his work and it was the perfect opportunity to pounce. I gave him a good look at my long, naked legs and then I bared my beautiful breasts, and when he fell for my wiles, I devoured him on the spot.”

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