Naughty Schoolgirls’ Secrets

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Imagine a boarding school, full of beautiful girls, desperately searching for love and attention. Some girls are lucky, like Sophie, the most popular chick in school, some are not so much, like Mathilde, the most shy of them all. She’s dying to be like the others, who constantly make fun of her. It’s time for her to finally stand up for herself, and find her missing self-confidence. Planning a sweet revenge in the process!

Erotic Masseuses

Cassie is a very special masseuse. With Dorian, her lover, she runs a high end massage parlor with only one goal in mind, the full satisfaction of her wealthy clients. Men or women they all come to take advantage of her soft and skillful hands and of course, her very special talents. She and her two talented assistants, Cherry and Gina, do their best to please and their clients know they will be entirely satisfied by their skills and their welcoming holes. This is their story but you will be the one who can explore every dirty little details of it.

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Pussy Park Diaries

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All you wanted is a relaxing day away from the stress and rush of the stock market. But it seems there is no rest for the wicked. The first challenge of the day comes in the quite pretty form of a bird watcher girl named Alyssa, who quite literally stumbles over you. Then you do the same with a topless sunbather who even accuses you to be her stalker. Finally, when you hope to find shelter at home, your girlfriend and an all too familiar friend of hers start a noisy training session. There is only one way to silence them, a solution that worked all through the day: by putting your dick into good use.

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